The New Youth Boom: Faith - The Future of...Podcast

By Craig Kennet Miller

Anxiety, loneliness, fear, grief, schooling, church…what are the challenges parents face as they raise the youth and children of Generation Z? In this fourth podcast on The New Youth Boom, Sabrina Short, co-author of Building Spiritual Muscle, joins Chris Wilterdink and Craig Kennet Miller, as they delve into the issues that are facing young people and faith communities today.

They ask how do faith communities move from “thoughts and prayers” to faith and action.

Are we the Christians young people want to be like Are we grumpy, disgruntled, and discouraged Or do we live with faith, with hope for the future Are we walking along side young people as they go through distress As we willing to march with them. To listen to them. To fight for them. How are we being Jesus in their lives today br br