The Future Of...Podcast: The New Youth Boom Study Guide

By Craig Kennet Miller

Why this study?

Generation Z, those young Americans age 1 to 18, are at a critical time of their lives. Like previous generations who have reached this stage of maturity, they are discovering their voice. We see this in their response to school shootings, to the way they are using social media to share their passions, and in their questioning of authority when it comes to race, gender, ethnicity, and national identity.

Parents of teenagers and children are at a crossroads as well. They wonder what the future looks like for their children. They wonder how they can best support their children’s pursuits. They question how the widespread use of digital media is impacting their children’s lives.

The church is at a challenge point as well. In too many churches, young people are non-existent. While they may want young people in their churches, they don’t want to have to make the changes that would make them feel welcome. Church leaders struggle as to how to share the gospel of love and grace when many in their name make pronouncements or do misdeeds that turn off the young.

With these things in mind, we offer you this four-part study based on the podcasts on The New Youth Boom which can be used with adults, youth, or as a multi-generational experience.

Each lesson includes an opening starter question, a brief article on the topic, a scripture quotation for reflection, and section for personal reflection.


Are we the Christians young people want to be like Are we grumpy, disgruntled, and discouraged Or do we live with faith, with hope for the future Are we walking alongside young people as they go through distress As we willing to march with them. To listen to them. To fight for them. How are we being Jesus in their lives today br