The DNA of Gospel Movements

By Steve Manskar

wesleyan-leadership-dna-gospel-movementsWesleyan leadership is essentially missional. The Wesleyan way of disciple-making is focused on forming persons in the image of Jesus Christ and equipping them to participate with Christ's mission in the world.

One of the leaders and writers who have influenced me and my thinking about leadership and the mission of the church over the past few years is Alan Hirsch. While Hirsch is not a Methodist, he references John Wesley and the early Methodist movements in Britain and America as examples of missional leadership and community. I highly recommend his work to you.

Click on the link below to view a series of videos of Mr. Hirsch discussing the DNA of Gospel Movements.

In these 7 videos, Alan Hirsch explains and articulates the DNA of Gospel Movements, the dynamics that lead to the rapid, indigenous multiplication of the gospel. The explanation for the DNA of Movements forms the basis of his book, The Forgotten Ways, in which Hirsch defines the different elements of a movement, how they interact, and how we in the West can recover these elements in our context.

For the full experience of understanding The Forgotten Ways, watch the videos in order: