Remarkable Achievements for Discipleship Resources Phillipines

By Stephen Bryant

dri-remarkable-achievements-1Steve Bryant and Kara Oliver traveled to Manila, Philippines, to meet with conference leaders and the Discipleship Resources Philippines (DRP) team. In partnership with Bishops Francisco, Juan and Torio and the Board of Christian Education and Discipleship, DRP strives to provide resources for leadership development and spiritual formation across the three conferences for both clergy and laity. DRP leaders also provide writers’ workshops, training on specific resources and spiritual formation retreats.

dri-remarkable-achievements-2As the new quadrennium approaches, DRP is one of the 14 publishing teams across the central conferences making consistent progress toward becoming a self-sustaining publishing operation. This is a remarkable achievement considering the challenges to church publishing operations around the world.

dri-remarkable-achievements-3Steve Bryant, Earlie Pasion-Bautiste, Jay Canlas and Rev. Jeric Cortado launched the E-Readers for Theological Education project at Southern Philippines Methodist College. This is the fourth seminary using the E-Readers.