Home is not where the heart is

By Will Randolph

older-adult-home-is-notI have had many homes in my life, in the 20 something. It is the product of being a preacher's kid then spending a significant portion of my adult life as a pastor. Of all the places I have called home the top 3 places were Mt. Airy, NC; Badin, NC; and Greensburg, PA. I never appreciated them fully until I was missing them having moved somewhere else. All my homes have been temporary even the one that I actually owned. Even the rental I live in now is temporary. When my lease is up i hopefully will move into a home I own here in the Nashville area. I was asked where would you call home if you could move anywhere in the world. I had to think about it and my answer is on the shore of some Lake. But when I was considering buying a Lake House I realized that I was buying someone else's house because it was not my design. Ultimately, this sensation is God's way of reminding me, that here wherever it is, isn't my home. My home is with God, and my path in life is to walk home to God one day. Any place I chose to live will never be home for long, but a place to visit on the way home to God