It’s not good-bye. Not by a long shot.

by New Church Starts

My leaving Path 1 as the Executive Director is, in my mind, a shifting of seats. I have been privileged and honored to sit in the “Captain’s Chair” these past few years and now I will take my place in a different seat as the leader of a local church, St. Andrew in Highlands Ranch, CO, which has in its strategic plan creating new places for new people. I will become part of a great annual conference under the strong leadership of Bishop Elaine Stanovsky and District Superintendent Rev. Melanie Rosa, who believe in the importance of starting new churches to reach new, younger and more diverse people for the kingdom. I will do what I can to help them—from this new seat.

I inherited this ministry from my good friend, and first Executive Director, Rev. Tom Butcher.  Tom dreamed big, assembled a marvelous staff, worked tirelessly for this cause and then gracefully handed the baton to me. He remains a cheerleader and active partner of Path 1. I will continue to follow in his good footsteps.

This is not good-bye. Not by a long shot. This is simply the time for me to pass the baton to another as I follow God’s call to my next ministry assignment. Like Tom, I get to pass the baton to someone who has been on this journey from the beginning. I hand the leadership of Path 1 to a church planting practitioner, a tried and tested national consultant, a strong advocate for church planting in new and innovative ways, a friend—Rev. Candace Lewis.

My prayer is for Candace to receive the same warm reception I received from all Path 1 partners and for her to experience the wisdom, grace and power of God that has energized and sustained my ability to do anything worthwhile.

It’s not “good-bye.” Not by a long shot. This is, “see you all again from a different seat.”

I will meet you all again in the trenches and on the front lines of congregational development!  We have work to do. Let’s keep at it!