For those of you who are scared…

by New Church Starts

Scott Gilpinby Scott Gilpin Executive Director of Fund Development for Discipleship Ministries.

For those of you who are scared…

…to “ask someone for money,” get uncomfortable and take a leap of faith!

All right, so asking people for money may jerk you out of your comfort zone. That’s a good sign.  If you’re not experiencing anxiety or discomfort, the risk you’re taking is probably not worthy of you.

Act as if your success is guaranteed.

If you want to be skeptical of some ideas that truly deserve to be called into question, challenge the thoughts and beliefs that have argued against your taking the leap. There is an answer to this.

Fall in love.

Asking another person to give to something you believe in is an act of love, a passionate statement of how much you care. There are so many things within your church or ministry worth caring about; many things remarkable, special, and precious enough to light the fire in your heart. Passion is a very important part of solicitation. It fires the soul and fills the spirit. While planning your solicitations is important, focus on the dream.

Look inside for the opportunity.

Everything else that is needed, right now, comes from inside of you. The opportunity, the timing, the power to perform – these are in you.

“Fundraising is a very rich and beautiful activity. It is a confident, joyful and hope-filled expression of ministry.  In ministering to each other, each from the riches that he or she possesses, we work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom.” (Henri J. M. Nouwen, A Spirituality of Fundraising).

Actually, you are not just asking people for money. This really is not about some fundraising campaign. Your church is a treasure. Share it with a friend. Do not make this harder than it has to be.

Find things you have in common with your prospect.

If your prospect knows something about your church, ask him to share his impressions.  Ask him to describe his feelings about the cause for which you are soliciting.


Your prospect’s responses will open many doors for you. They may not result in a gift today, but you have made a friend.

Just act like you have faith, because you do.

Behave like you have conviction, because you do.

If you doubt something, doubt your limits.

What is the most difficult part of fundraising for you?

A Spirituality of Fundraising, by Henri J. M. Nouwen, can be obtained from Upper Room Bookstore.