Equipping Resources

by New Church Starts

by Candace Lewis, Path 1 New Church Strategist

This week I attended the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was among thirteen thousand people (13k) in the Gwinnett Arena at this sold out event. Great speakers inspired and challenged us to be a “catalyst” leader among this generation.  The conference theme was “Be Present” and invited us to wrestle with how we are “engaging family, friends, strangers, community and the world” in the midst of our distracting, technologically-driven, chaotic, uncertain, busy, and ever-changing world.

Jim Collins was among the speakers and he talked about his new book “Great by Choice”.  Collins reminded us while in the midst of this changing, uncertain, chaotic, world we must “change our practices while maintaining our core values”.  

A core value for United Methodists is found in our mission statement “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”.  At Path1, we seek to resource our denomination’s church planting movement. We recognize that “practices, methods, and resources” change as new churches share a core message of GOD’s Love and transforming power through Jesus Christ.  

I was impressed that most new “equipping” resources offered at Catalyst were available in digital downloads, APPs, and scans for iPhones, iPads, and android devices. I felt old carrying around my print Bible at this event. It was a tipping point for me and I’m preparing to purchase an iPad as I too embrace new practices, yet remain true to the core message of the bible. 

I wanted to share some website links to some new resources offered at the Catalyst Conference.  Enjoy!!!

Personalize spiritual growth resources/discipleship/leadership resources

Monvee – helping people and churches grow spiritually.  Personalized online spiritual growth assessments and plans

Faithvillage.com – an emerging web community populated by church leaders and everyday Christ-followers

savetheirfuturenow.com  - Tim Elmore’s resource – research-based and solution-biased, Generation iY, moves beyond sounding an alarm to outlining practical strategies relating to youth and young adults (Generation Y). 

thinkorange.com – experiential curriculum

Bible Software

olivetree.com – Bible software available for phones, computers, and iPads

accordancebible.com – Bible software that’s intelligent, intuitive, response, reliable, powerful, fast, flexible

Children’s Resources

heyplug.com – “Plug and the Paddywahacks” is an interactive storybook series for kids

upward.org/connect - introducing children to Jesus Christ by crating opportunities to serve through sports

Other Resources

plywoodpeople.com – be a walking billboard, purchase bags handmade by refugees, and be given dignity through a job training program. 

cloversites.com websites made for people, not programmers. 

thecreativeboard.com – take the storm out of brainstorming – software application

thinkradiant.com – website, marketing design

resonategroup.com – church marketing and web design

sharefaith.com – sermon graphics, worship media, and church websites

Maybe you know of some other websites or resources that can help churches reform their practices to reach a new generation of disciples. Please share them with us.