African Wisdom: Poetry

By Kara Oliver

Sundaygar duwah
Sundaygar Duwah

I met Sundaygar Duwah at the AAUMTI Writers' Workshop last month at Gbarnga School of Theology. An English lecturer and a poet, he is affable and passionate about writing. I hope you enjoy his poetry and take inspiration from his dedication to writing as a spiritual practice.

The Commonality of Hatred and Love

Hatred is blind!

Love is just the same.

The latter is kind,

But the former likes to blame.

Hatred is stubborn.

Love too cannot hear

Though each has a horn.

That’s sometimes hard to bear.

Love’s meant to heal.

Hatred can destroy.

While love’s there to kneel,

The latter, a Trojan horse in Troy

Love conquers hatred,

Doing away with revenge

An effort to be buttressed;

Thus, no need to avenge

Life is not just fair,

For it breeds injustices

Which are strenuous to repair

Breaking institutions into pieces