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Two New Churches to Mentor Would-Be Multisite Congregations in Spring 2021

By Paul Nixon

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The Churches Planting Churches initiative continues into its fourth calendar year in 2021 with Embrace Church (Sioux Falls, SD) and First United Methodist Church (Colorado Springs, CO) sharing leadership. As happened in 2020, the summit gathering with be held digitally, eliminating the cost of travel for teams from the churches that register. Churches Planting Churches is a mentoring initiative whereby Discipleship Ministries partners with excellent multisite congregations to help other churches prepare for the challenge of doing ministry from more than one location.

Embrace Church first started Sunday morning worship ten years ago, and it quickly grew to become one of the largest churches in the United Methodist Church. Adam Weber is the pastor.

First United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs, has been a leader in Colorado Methodism for more than a century. In 2018, First Colorado Springs shared in the first Churches Planting Churches summit - so it is an alumnus church. It has since launched the Prairie Campus. Kent Imgram and Patty Walker are the pastors.

"These two churches represent the range of diversity we see today among churches that are choosing to go multisite,” said Paul Nixon, Director of Church Multiplication. “The opportunity to learn from both in the same round is exciting. Even though they are different, they hold some powerful things in common.”

The spring 2021 summit is spread across six weeks, with two hours of teaching each Tuesday, starting April 13 and concluding May 18. The coaching experience will then stretch across the remainder of the year into early 2022.

Churches Planting Churches consists of the learning summit, followed by work with a coach alongside other churches on a similar journey. The coaching process lasts about nine months beyond the summit. Each registered church also gets access to take the Readiness 360 evaluation, which reveals some of the assets and challenges the church may bring to a multisite endeavor. The cost per church for this edition of Churches Planting Churches is $1,950, including coaching and Readiness 360. To receive an application for participation, please reach out to Paul Nixon at [email protected]. As we come out of the COVID-19 restrictions in 2021, we have never had a better time to plan for the launch of ministry in a new location!

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