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Stewardship Forum Discussion Sessions Scheduled for June 2020

By Ken Sloane

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Discipleship Ministries is offering stewardship leaders across the church the opportunity to participate in a series of “Stewardship Forums” during the month of June. While April and May were busy with webinars related to COVID-19, that platform offers limited ability for interaction with participants and for participants to interact with one another. The Stewardship Forums will invite you to engage in discussions with other leaders around the theme of “What Lies Ahead for Stewardship?” The forums build on the recent Discipleship Ministries webinar, “What Might Stewardship Look Like in the Months Ahead?”

Four daytime sessions will be held to provide greater opportunity for attendance. During each session, there will be whole-group sharing as well as breakout sessions with questions to discuss in rooms of four to six people. We hope to not only benefit from group wisdom but also from the creativity and innovation that has been shown across the church as leaders have dealt with the challenges of the pandemic.

If the Stewardship Forum model proves effective, we hope to incorporate it as a follow-up element for webinars in the future.

Please use the links below to request sign-on information and links for one of the June Stewardship Forum sessions.

Ken Sloane is the Director of Stewardship & Generosity for Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

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