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Resources for Responding to COVID-19 Outbreak

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The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life for people across the globe. Phrases like "social distancing" have become commonplace. In the U.S., most schools and universities have closed; many businesses have temporarily shut their doors or will open for limited hours; and the CDC has recommended large gatherings should not take place at this time.

Local churches are also attempting to respond in appropriate ways, but many congregations have questions. The resources included below can assist your church as it seeks answers about this new reality.

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On Mission During the Storm

Posted: June 1, 2020 | 1:50 p.m. CDT
So much has changed in the last several weeks, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our common mission. Our church and team – laity and clergy – have been formed around the idea that people who feel disconnected from God and the church can find hope, healing, and wholeness in Jesus.

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Music and Singing in Church: Recommendations According to Phased Reopenings

Posted: June 12, 2020 | 10:21 a.m. CDT
During this “singing quarantine,” it is important to think about and remind ourselves why we sing. Included are some key questions we should all be asking before moving on to the “how” or “what” questions.

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Discipleship and Church Life in the Time of COVID-19: Responses from Africa, Europe, and the Philippines

Posted: May 14, 2020 | 2:19 p.m. CDT
Mighty Rasing recently connected with several leaders from the Central Conferences to ask about the ways that they are dealing with the impact of this pandemic.

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Using Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tools to Get Ready for a New Way of Doing Church

Posted: May 13, 2020 | 2:25 p.m. CDT
While people are sheltering at home, it’s a great time to have them assess their spiritual gifts.

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2020 Christian Home Month

Posted: May 4, 2020 | 4:41 p.m. CDT
This resource is designed to help local congregations develop and strengthen faith in the home and celebrate Christian Home Month.

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New Faces in Virtual Spaces

Posted: April 29, 2020 | 1:46 p.m. CDT
How can we find joy during this time and connect with those who are in our faith community or are longing for one? Read how church planters are finding and/or creating new online third spaces.

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#Hope4Tomorrow: Youth Worship Planning Materials During COVID-19 in 2020

Posted: April 29, 2020 | 9:59 a.m. CDT
Many churches have traditionally offered a “Youth Sunday” or “Youth-Led Worship” in the spring. It is our hope that local church, annual conference, and general church leaders in youth ministry will advocate for young voices in online worship.

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12 Hopeful Signs from Worship Leaders During the 'Safer at Home' Quarantine

Posted: April 27, 2020 | 2:27 p.m. CDT
The transition from "in-the-building" worship to online-only worship has been difficult, and the learning curve has been steep. Yet, despite the difficulties, there are signs of hope and practices to build on for the future.

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The Priesthood of All in a Time of Pandemic

Posted: April 27, 2020 | 1:16 p.m. CDT
Before I was diagnosed with incurable cancer eleven years ago, I prided myself on being a digital skeptic who didn’t own a cell phone and stayed away from social media. Then stage IV cancer came along and broke my back, sidelining me from my full and wonderful life.

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Worship Matters: Episode 10 - When We Return

Posted: April 27, 2020 | 9:23 a.m. CDT
In this episode, the worship team is joined by Rev. John Thornburg as they explore possibilities and signs of hope.

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