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Online Resources for Older Adults

By Scott Hughes

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ENCORE Ministries through the Golden Cross Foundation

Through the Tennessee Conference, this website serves older adults through a grant of the Golden Cross Foundation. This ministry is headed up by Rev. Dr. Richard Gentzler, author of An Age of Opportunity.

Book resources for Older Adults

An Age of Opportunity: Intentional Ministry by, with, and for Older Adults by Richard Gentzler

This book builds on Richard’s Designing an Older Adult Ministry (also a recommended resource) and presents new information and ways to enhance the spiritual growth of people of all ages. As many churches are growing older, the church has the opportunity to respond to aging and assist older adults in growing as disciples.

The Life to Come: Re-creating Retirement by Steven M. Tipton

From professor Steven Tipton, this book, though more academic, includes research and practical examples about how new generations of older adults are revisiting retirement in light of cultural and economic realities.

Talking with God in Old Age: Meditations and Psalms by Missy Buchanan

Aging can feel more like loneliness and pain rather than the so-called golden years. Missy Buchanan brings realism and honest faith together. This book is broken into short chapters with large print that are reflections on Psalms which makes it easy to read and possible to use as a daily devotional.