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Embrace Church Has Much to Teach Us in the 21st Century

By Paul Nixon

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Embrace Church is now about twelve years old. It was one of the fastest growing churches in America in the last decade, and it is decidedly United Methodist. Pastor Adam Weber and his team have led this church from a launch team with a few dozen folks in 2009 to become a church blessing thousands of lives in the Dakotas and beyond, with multiple campuses and video venues. It would be hard to find a church in America that knows more about reaching millennials in heartland America than Embrace. This church has so much missional wisdom with this population to share with the rest of The United Methodist Church.

We are delighted that Embrace will be one of our two teaching churches for the spring 2021 edition of Churches Planting Churches. If a church is thinking about planting a new worship community, adopting a new campus, or sending a group to plant a new church focused on millennials (adults between 25 and 40 years old, often with young children), Embrace is an ideal mentor. Even before COVID-19 hit, Embrace was making significant changes in children’s ministry on Sundays and the ways they gathered people for discipleship. The church is a pacesetter in multiple ways. When one strategy begins to diminish in its fruitfulness, Embrace pivots.

For more information about Churches Planting Churches and how your church can sign up for this yearlong experience, please contact Paul Nixon, Director of Church Multiplication at Discipleship Ministries at [email protected]. This edition will be entirely digital - beginning with a series of six weekly webinar on April 13. Beyond the webinars, there will be ongoing group coaching sessions lasting into early 2022. We want to help you customize learning into a ministry action plan that fits your context! Cost for the year (per church) is $1,950.00, including coaching and a Readiness 360 report.

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