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Church Planting Resources Available for Download

By Rachel Gilmore

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The United Methodist Church has incredible church developers and church planters working for different annual conferences all over the United States. Path 1 has reached out to them to offer templates and documents that have been valuable resources in their ministry.

Feel free to browse through these documents and utilize whatever might be helpful in your context.

If you have alternative resources to share with us, please email them to Rev. Rachel Gilmore on the Path 1 staff (hyperlink to my email).

Download Administrative Guidelines for New Churches

Download Assessment Questions (PDF)

Download Covenant Agreement with Planters (PDF)

Download Memorandum of Agreement Form (PDF)

Download New Faith Community Covenant Agreement (PDF)

Download Process for Conversations on Church Potential (PDF)

Download Strategy Review Report for New Churches Campuses (PDF)

Download North Texas Conference Mission Congregation Policy (PDF)

Download DS as Chief Missional Strategist (PDF)

Rachel Gilmore is the Director of Recruiting, Assessing & Training for Church Planting with Path 1. She stays away from foliage but loves to plant other things like churches, preschools, and ideas in the minds of those looking for innovation and inspiration in the church.

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