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Resources for Engaging Your Community

Here are helpful books, articles, and webinars designed to help you engage with the people in your community. Use these valuable tools for building relationships and reaching new people in new ways!

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Engaging Your Community

If your church is tired of sending postcards and producing PowerPoint presentations, this book will help you connect with those outside your door.

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Engaging Your Community with Cultural Sensitivity

As the United States population becomes increasingly diverse, it is imperative for churches to develop the awareness and skills needed to interact successfully with people from diverse experiences. Use this book to implement innovative ways of working with a diverse community.

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Making New Disciples in New Places

Dive into the seven seasons used in making new disciples in new places. Perfect for use in small group study, this booklet was written for those interested in becoming part of a church planting team.

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Blessed are the poor 400x400

Blessed are the Poor

This is an amazing webinar series designed to help church leaders engage with the people in their communities and reflect on the different ways in which people experience poverty.

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New People New Places

This yearlong experience is a movement to start connecting with people outside of the church to help them birth a new a faith community! You’ll enjoy live webinar training, independent team learning, and an ongoing cohort to help you set goals and encourage you in this process.

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Lessons Learned

Led by some of the most effective church planters in the UMC, this nine-session course covers an array of topics; from social media to the strengths and weaknesses of church planters, and what ongoing discipleship looks like. This course is for anyone thinking about starting a church or those who have been planting their whole lives.

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Roadmap to renewal 400x400

Roadmap to Renewal

This book serves as a vital resource for enabling you to reconnect to your mission area, complete with a step-by-step process for designing a Ministry Action Plan for your community of faith. Know your community. Know your mission. Know your strengths and challenges. Know where you are going. Reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ!

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Ready, Set, Plant: The Why and How of Starting New Churches

This incredibly helpful book provides the tools needed for planting churches. Focusing on the spiritual, social, and economic aspects of the process, the authors raise questions about church planting that every new church community must address.

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