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Worship Matters: When We Return

The worship team is joined by Rev. John Thornburg to discuss his article “When We Return.” Driven by the question, “What are we learning about ourselves and our ministries during the COVID-19 quarantine?” Rev. Thornburg and the team explore possibilities and signs of hope.

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Questions for Preparations for Gathering

As different parts of the United States begin to open public gatherings, including churches, we at Discipleship Ministries offer this resource to aid in your church’s planning. In this document, you will find helpful information to safely guide your congregation to open in a way that attempts to mitigate the risks of in-person gatherings and to extend hospitality and compassion.

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RE-Launch: A Conversation on Embracing the Ministry Possibilities of 2020

When tens of thousands of United Methodist churches re-open their facilities to the public, it will not be a return to normal, but a time of new beginnings and an opportunity for relaunching public ministry.

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13 Questions to Consider before Restarting Youth Ministry Post-Quarantine

There are plenty of views about when and how to open up our states, cities, and yes, even our churches. Regardless of when it happens, there will come a day when churches will re-open and ministries, including youth ministries, will begin to open their doors and gather again.

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Webinar: What Might Stewardship Look Like in the Months Ahead?

The COVID-19 crisis has forced churches to adapt to a situation none of us could have foreseen. When quarantines are over and churches are open and people can safely leave their homes, will the church be the same as it was before March 2020? Probably not, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

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LifeWay Survey Tool for Getting Feedback from Your Congregation

Much has been made about when churches will be permitted to worship and engage in ministries in person. Less has been said about how congregants feel about congregating up close. But this is a crucial issue – an issue of care – that will have great impact on what any re-launch is like.

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Thinking Ahead: Rites of Passage in the COVID-19 Moment

As witnesses to the upheaval and change, young people may feel a sense of sadness as they recognize the personal and social losses they will endure as a part of quarantines and other responses to COVID-19.

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