Discipleship Ministries Strategic Playbook

Our Mission:
To challenge and support local church and annual conference leaders for their task of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision:
Discipleship Ministries aspires to see a vital and vibrant church on fire to transform the world.

Our Expanded Vision:
Formed in 1972, Discipleship Ministries envisions a vital and vibrant church on fire to transform the world. We strive to build passion for making disciples of Jesus Christ, and we focus on equipping God’s people for this essential task.

Our Tagline:
Equipping World-Changing Disciples

Our Primary Work:
Resourcing, Consulting, Training, Networking

Our Scriptural Values:
Discipleship Ministries bases its life and work on the scriptural mandates contained in the five following biblical texts:

  • The Great Commandment – Matthew 22:37-39 – Love of God and neighbor underscores all of our activity.
  • The Great Commitment – Matthew 16:24 – We willingly surrender to God’s call in all of our work.
  • The Great Requirement – Micah 6:8 – We seek always to do the right thing, even if it is not the easy thing.
  • The Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20 – Our task and joy are to bring others into the fellowship of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • The Great Redemption – John 3:16 – We approach our work understanding that each human being, community, and situation has redemptive possibility.

Our Behavioral Values:
We recognize the following guiding values as complementary to our scriptural mandates and seek to live out these values in our management style and corporate life together:

  • Listening to God – We continually listen to God’s call, are attentive to Christ’s presence, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Focusing on Customers – We strive to be in partnership with the church recognizing that the success of our mission depends on our willingness and ability to listen to and understand the church’s needs and to respond quickly with quality resources and excellent services.
  • Celebrating with Thankfulness – We celebrate our work, our relationships, our giftedness, and the opportunity to serve God and God’s church through an attitude of thankfulness.
  • Valuing Diversity – We seek to staff our workplace with persons who reflect the diversity of the global church we serve.
  • Working with Integrity – We conduct our work with integrity by being direct, honest, sincere and clear about our decisions and priorities.
  • Being a Trusted Partner – We seek to be a trusted partner with congregations and conferences delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective resources supporting a holistic disciple-making process within the context of spiritual formation and leadership development.
  • Exercising Fiduciary Responsibility – We exercise our fiduciary responsibility with excellence through well-trained staff, appropriate monitoring controls, internal and external committees and auditors, and thorough reporting.

Ministry Focus:
We lead the denomination in its goal to “Form one million new disciples who profess their faith in Jesus Christ through new and revitalized churches.”

Strategic Priorities & Core Strategies:

An Intentional Disciple-Making Process in Every Church.

  • Reorient and revamp our training efforts and redirect resources to emphasize the essential elements (core process) of an effective disciple-making system.
  • Convene strategic conversations with proven and effective practitioners to learn, listen, and to drive the creation of new resources and specialized training that responds directly to the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Cultivate and build 2-year covenant partnerships with annual conferences to develop a customized, comprehensive plan for training and resourcing its local church leaders.

Engagement with People Currently Outside the Church.

  • Champion, resource, and support the denominational effort to re-evangelize the U.S. and reach more people, more young people, and more diverse people by creating new places for new people. 
  • Communicate to stakeholders stories of impact that provide clear models of effective community engagement (evangelism) that emphasizes relationship building.
  • Develop, invest in, and deploy a comprehensive messaging campaign that emphasizes the “why” of disciple-making and encourages focus, energy, and effort in connecting with people outside the church.
  • Leverage the success lessons of new church community engagement – become brokers of knowledge – to drive innovation in teaching, learning, and contextual best practices.

Cultivating Local (Contextual) Resources Around the Globe.

  • Convene strategic conversations with central conference leaders for learning, and to develop resourcing that is contextually relevant and practically effective for the making of disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Grow and expand the capacity of the central conference publishing team network for developing contextual resources and making them available, affordable, and appropriate to local churches in the conferences in which the teams are located across the connection.
  • Bring the voice and contributions of central conference thought-leaders to the church-wide conversation about intentional discipleship systems through author support and a central conference publishing channel.

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