Virtual Tour

Experience Discipleship Ministries  in 360 Degree Panorama. 

Our Place in Nashville

Discipleship Ministries is located in the heart of music city, Nashville, TN!  See what the world looks like from our vantage point.  Top of our building.

Our Lobby

Welcome to Discipleship Ministries!  See our lobby.

The Upper Room Chapel

More that 15,000 visitors see The Upper Room Chapel  each year. The chancel wall features a nearly life-size woodcarving of The Last Supper, the story of Jesus and his disciples eating together during the Passover.  Next time you’re in Nashville stop by.  Until then, see the chapel now.

The Upper Room Christian Art Museum

Inspiring! Nashville's Vatican! Beautiful, rare, international pieces, all describe the collection of 21st to 11th century art and artifacts at The Upper Room Christian Art Museum. Seasonal exhibits of 100+ nativity scenes from 1 inch to 3 feet high made in wood, seed pods, porcelains, crochet and more displayed with seasonal art.  See it in 360 degree panorama.

The Upper Room Gift Shoppe

If you are looking for a gift or book to strengthen your own faith, express your faith in daily living and caring for others or share your faith journey then The Upper Room Gift Shoppe   is the place for you!  See it now.

Agape Garden

The Agape Garden is a sculpture and symbol garden representing Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Resurrection Garden. Agape is a Greek word for Christian love. The fountain has 8 sides repesenting the 8 sided star, a symbol for baptism.  See it now

Moorman Training Room

Our main training room features leading technology available for church leaders.  Featuring a large screen, 12 training computers, audio system and 30 seats.  See it now

President's Gallery

The office location of our General Secretary, Dr. Timothy Bias.  In this area are also the offices of our Chief Administrative Officer, finance, annual conference relations and the office of communications.  See it now.  

DE Jackson Hall

Discipleship Ministries' main conference room space is the DE Jackson Hall.  Featuring three large video screens, web camera, and room for more than 100 guests.  See it now.  

Conference Room 212

One of our many conference rooms in our Denman Building.  See it now.