Resource Booklets

The PDF downloads for the 2016 Discipleship Ministries resource booklets are provided at no additional cost by your generous support of The World Service Fund of The United Methodist Church, individual giving, and through the sale of books, magazines, and other products. 

Discipleship Ministries Resource Directory

Virtually everything we do at Discipleship Ministries is included in this directory. Find out whom you can call for information about a ministry, discover and upcoming event, or connect with one of our staff.

You may search inside the publication for words, figures, and full sentences; print and zoom; download the publication in PDF; send to a friend; and much more.

DOWNLOAD the 2016 Resource Directory [PDF]

Leadership Ministries Booklets

Covers of Three Resource Booklets - 2016 Leadership Ministries

DOWNLOAD 5 Local Church Devotions [PDF]

DOWNLOAD From Numbers to Narratives: Using a Narrative Budget [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Family Faith Formation: Living with the Holy [PDF]

DOWNLOAD How To Have a Courageous Conversation [PDF]

DOWNLOAD How to Start a Worship Band [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Reimagining Evangelism [PDF]

DOWNLOAD When A Loved One Dies [PDF]

DOWNLOAD A Twelve-Month Plan for Stewardship [PDF]

Writing as Calling, Ministry, & Work Booklet coverDiscipleship Resources International Booklets

DOWNLOAD Writing as Calling, Ministry, & Work [PDF]




New Church Starts (Path1) Booklets

Covers of Three Resource Booklets - 2016 New Church Starts Path1

DOWNLOAD Best Practices and Strategies for Starting New Churches [PDF]

DOWNLOAD A Missionary Mindset: What Church Leaders Need to do to Reach Their Community [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Seven Seasons of Planting [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Starting New Places for New People [PDF]


The Upper Room Booklets

Covers of Three Resource Booklets - 2016 Upper Room

DOWNLOAD A Guide to Prayer [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Praying the Scriptures [PDF]

DOWNLOAD The Quiet Center [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Ten Simple Spiritual Practice Ideas for Children and Youth [PDF]

DOWNLOAD The Way of Radical Compassion [PDF]


Young People's Ministry Booklets

Covers of Three Resource Booklets - 2016 Young People's Ministries

DOWNLOAD Diverse Youth Ministries: Belonging, Blessing, & Believing in Christian Community [PDF]

DOWNLOAD For All Ages: Intergenerational Ministry [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Mission Trips for First Timers [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Responsible Social Media for Churches & Youth Groups [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Special Events & Traveling with Youth: Abuse Prevention Strategies [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Welcoming, Connecting, & Engaging Young Adults [PDF]


Language Resource Booklets


DOWNLOAD 5 Devocionales para las Iglesias Locales [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Cuando Un Ser Querido Muere [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Estrategias para la Prevención del Abuso al Viajar con Jóvenes y Eventos Especiales [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Lugares Nuevos para un Pueblo Nuevo [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Nuestros Votos de Membresía en la Iglesia Metodista Unida [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Las Siete Etapas del Desarollo de Nuevas Congregaciones [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Un Plan de Mayordomía de Doce Meses [PDF]

DOWNLOAD El Significado de la Santa Comunión en la Iglesia Metodista Unida [PDF]

DOWNLOAD Viajes Misioneros para Principiantes [PDF]



DOWNLOAD 성찬의 의미 (The Meaning of Holy Commmunion)  [PDF]

DOWNLOAD 연합감리교회 교인서약 (Our Membership Vows) [PDF]



DOWNLOAD O Significado Da Santa Ceia (The Meaning of Holy Communion) [PDF]



DOWNLOAD Ko E ‘Uhinga ‘O E Komiumioni Toputapu (The Meaning of Holy Communion) [PDF]