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We help youth and young adults become strong spiritual leaders in their congregations; we advocate for the concerns of young people around the world; we help young people work as agents of peace, justice, and mercy; and we help the church embrace God’s call on the lives of young people. Learn more about Young People's Ministries » 

Discipleship Ministries accomplishes these goals through its work with youth 12-18 years old, young adults 18-40 years old, and adults who work with these age groups.

Staff based in the US, Africa, the Philippines, and Europe help recruit young leaders in areas where the church is growing.

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Designated Gifts

  • Youth Service Fund
    YSF is a unique ministry that is for, by, and with youth. Youth raise money to distribute to youth projects around the world, and a donation made through Young People’s Ministries will go to the Global Youth Service Fund.
  • Global Scholarship Fund
    A need-based scholarship offered to Global United Methodist students, ages 18-35, attending a university outside of the United States.
  • David W. Self & Richard S. Smith Scholarship Funds
    The Self and Smith Scholarships are offered to graduating high school seniors entering their first year of undergraduate studies and pursuing a church related career. The Richard S. Smith Scholarship is designated for racial/ethnic minority students.
  • Young People’s Ministries General Fund
    Your gift to YPM’s General Fund will be used where ever it is currently most needed.

Funding Priorities

The Global Young People's Convocation (GYPC) is the global event of the United Methodist young people. It is held once every four years for the purpose of:

  • Celebrating the mission and vitality of young people in the United Methodist Church
  • Raising the joys and concerns of young people from the global community
  • Developing young people as leaders for effective ministry in local churches and communities of faith
  • Highlighting emerging trends in youth and young adult ministry
  • Providing a common forum that embraces the global reality of the church

Young Leader Summits — In Africa and in the Phil each year, young leaders meet to discuss and dream about their rols in the future of the United Methodist Church. This intimate group of 15-30 people follow a guidebook written by native authors and are led by regional YPM staff and guest speakers, making this experience relevant and unique to each set of participates. Donations are used to provide travel, room and board, and materials to the young leaders in attendance.


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