Dreaming of Vital Congregations

All of us want to be a part of a church that is vital and vibrant. We dream of a church that touches our soul and sends us out into the world to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

It’s in that spirit the Discipleship Ministries, through GodFilms, has produced a five-part film series celebrating and exploring the issues we hold dear. Use these films as discussion starters in your small groups.

Dream with us.

Making Growth Sustainable
Providing Needed Resources in Central Conferences


What do you take for granted as you walk into your church each Sunday? How is it that the fastest growing areas of The United Methodist Church are those with the least resources? Will that ever change?



Dream...but also act! Discipleship Ministries can help.

People seek meaning and direction. Your church seeks a community that can transform the world. Sadly, the paths often run parallel rather than converge. That's where Discipleship Ministries can help. In this time of ferment and change, explore the issues with us as we look toward the future. Together, we have work to do.



Small Groups


Giving life to all who participate in spirit and in truth... Supporting one another in growth, in need and in learning... Telling the Good News and bearing witness...
Sermon Starters
Creative, Thoughtful Planning
Transformative Preaching
Serving in Difficulties
Christian Education
A Rule of Life
Grow in Faith
From Seats to the Streets
Mutual Accountability
Change the World
20/20 Evangelism
Welcoming the Other





Offering to God the first and best... Guiding and supporting the way... Sharing what it means to be a a disciple...
Foundation Statment
Six Best Practices
Sermon Starters
Unleashing Generosity (PDF)
Equipping Leaders
Always Learn
Lead Through Conflict
Join God's Mission
Sack Lunches, Socks & Holy Communion
A Clear Calling
One Mile Mission