About Young Peoples Ministries

Established in 2004 especially for young people aged 14 to 30 and for those in ministry with them, Young People's Ministries connects individuals with one another, the church, and God. International events bring young leaders together to focus on...

  • advocacy
  • faith formation
  • resource development
  • communication
  • networking


Grants, scholarships and consultations are available to assist local churches develop projects and programs -- all with the goal of supporting young people in their Christian walk. Our mission is to empower young people as world-changing disciples of Jesus Christ, to nurture faith development, and to equip young leaders by:

  • developing youth/young adult spiritual leaders of local congregations to transform lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • challenging The United Methodist Church to embrace, confirm, and celebrate God's call on the lives of young people
  • cultivating and nurturing life-giving ministries where influence and worth are not limited by age or experience
  • advocating for the issues and concerns of young people in the church and the global community
  • empowering young people to work as agents of peace, justice, and mercy
  • building a network of support and providing resources that connect the diverse experiences of youth and young adults in local ministries and communities across the globe.

The work of this division can be found at: globalyoungpeople.org.

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