About New Church Starts

A crucial path in making disciples for Christ requires venturing into communities where no vital church exists. It also calls for healthy churches to branch out and assist in planting new ones.

New Church Starts (Path 1) is a team of leaders drawn from national, regional, and local levels of The United Methodist Church whose mission is to train and equip new church planters who will start new congregations throughout the United States. The immediate objective is to train and equip 1000 church planters who will start 650 churches within four years, forming 9 million new disciples of Christ within 30 years.

For those who are committed to reaching into all segments of society, New Church Starts recruits, organizes, offers best practices and trains a pool of expert church planters. Through a movement called Path 1, the effort stimulates congregational growth, building on the church planting ethic inherited from the history of Methodism and the Bible.

New Church Starts is simply about reaching out to more people with the Good News. God is calling us to multiply vital ministry in ways that will reach more people, more young people and more diverse people in our communities. This is our mission and our path.

The work of this division can be found at: www.Path1.org.

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