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24 May

Heritage Sunday

Heritage Sunday, May 24, 2015:  “Welcoming the Stranger”


The theme for Heritage Sunday in 2015 as set by the General Commission on Archives and History is “Welcoming the Stranger.”  The theme will highlight the work of those who welcomed the immigrant such as Alma Matthews and Kathryn Maurer as well as immigration responses that are not U.S.-centric.  The "Welcoming the Stranger" theme includes the role hospitals, homes, orphanages, the poor, the outcast, education, etc., has played in the history of The United Methodist Church.

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Observed on the Third Sunday of May (to correspond with Aldersgate Day, May 24), this day calls The United Methodist Church to honor its heritage by committing itself to the continuing call of God known and spread by Charles and John Wesley, along with others the early Methodist movement reached and with whose denominations we are all  joined as The United Methodist Church.


The Evangelistic Impact of Heritage Sunday


Heritage Sunday provides a grand opportunity for all Wesleyan communions to remember and reclaim their evangelistic heritage. Wesley's "heart-warming experience" resulted from hearing Luther's preface to Romans.  

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