Discipleship Resources International

Discipleship Resources International

Discipleship Resources, International (DRI) is a ministry of the Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church (UMC) designed to support Central Conferences that are working to expand their publishing capacities in a sustainable way. "Central Conferences" are the UM bodies in Africa, the Philippines, and Europe/Russia. Learn More

Publishing Partners

Learning from other pubishing teams  The website allows you to review the work of other DRI publishing teams—their publishing categories, titles, business models, breakthroughs, and victories. What other areas are doing can help you expand your vision for what is possible for you in your situation.   […]

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Training & Education

Raising your skill level Training notes and links are available here for team leaders and teams concerning the critical areas of publishing know-how.  Training opportunities are also offered now and then, and will be featured here on this site. Training will revolve around the four primary areas of publishing: […]

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