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Support Uncommon Mission

Your gift through Discipleship Ministries' Uncommon Mission opportunities will be used for new, unique mission growth; every dollar you give advances your favorite project, and not a penny is spent on administration.

Mission priorities include E-readers containing theological libraries for seminarians in Africa, scholarships for youth worldwide to attend the faith-changing  Global Youth Convocation, one-year residencies for young clergy to learn how to start new churches, or a leadership fund to educate UM camp and retreat leaders.  More about Fund Development.





E-readers for Theological Education

Higher Education and Ministry and Discipleship Ministries have been testing (with Gbarnga School of Theology in Liberia) a simple and effective way to help theology schools in remote areas have access to current textbooks and reference books.  The e-reader has proved affordable, easy to use, and capable of holding a charge for weeks at a time. Faculty gained access to current theological publications and research. Students gained access to reference books, textbooks related to their three-year curriculum, Bibles, dictionaries, and even cultural readings related to Africa and Liberia. Students and faculty celebrated the simplicity of carrying their entire “library” to class, home, and church. Learn More



Ebola Prevention Resources

The Ebola Disease Facts campaign literature was produced as a joint venture by the Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health,  Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, and Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Ebola Disease Facts: For Community and Household Health was prepared by Richard A. "Ran" Nisbett, Adjunct Professor for the Institute for Global Health at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in Nashville. It currently is being distributed in Liberia and soon will be available in Sierra Leone. The piece has been translated from English to French for distribution in Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea. Learn More



Camp & Retreat Legacy of Leadership Fund

The Legacy of Leadership Annual Fund strengthens Camp and Retreat Ministries of The United Methodist Church by creating an ongoing legacy of passionate and prepared leaders. It provides essential educational funding that enables staff and volunteers serving in leadership positions within UM Camp and Retreat ministries to attend key training and spiritual growth opportunities. Learn More



Partners In Mission: Fund for Korean, Asian & Pacific Islander Ministries

The Partner in Mission Fund for Korean, Asian & Pacific Islander Ministries provides scholarships to train leaders, develops Korean/Asian Pacific language resources, equips Asian Pacific American leaders, and partners with ministries in the Asia Pacific region. Learn More


Wesley Pilgrimage Ministry

The Wesley Pilgrimage Ministry helps people participate in the Wesley Pilgrimage in England, which will be held July 13-23, 2015. The Wesley Pilgrimage in England offers an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the Christ-centered leadership of John & Charles Wesley; learn, pray, and explore places where the Wesley brothers lived and served; and reflect and make new friends in small groups. Learn More


New Church Planting Residencies (Path 1)

New Church Starts (Path 1) is a team of leaders drawn from national, regional, and local levels of The United Methodist Church, whose mission is to provide collaborative leadership to evangelize the USA. We want to reach more people for Christ by creating new places for new people. Learn More


Native American Comprehensive Plan (NACP)

The Native American Comprehensive Plan shall serve as the United Methodist entity that resources, strengthens,and advocates for the local church in Native American communities/contexts for all generations. Learn More


Young People's Ministries: Global Young People's Convocation and Legislative Assembly

We help youth and young adults become strong spiritual leaders in their congregations; we advocate for the concerns of young people around the world; we help young people work as agents of peace, justice, and mercy; and we help the church embrace God's call on the lives of young people. Your gift of $35 helps send a young person who otherwise couldn't afford it to the life-changing Global Youth Convocation and Legislative Assembly. Learn More


Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century

Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century is a program designed to assist United Methodist churches with predominantly Black congregations become effective in mission and ministry. Learn More


Generosity Report

In this report, you'll find 10 ways where we help United Methodist Church leaders understand and embrace the changing realities of ministry, the challenges laity and clergy face, and the task of reaching new people on behalf of the gospel. Learn More